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The Admissions Office is the first stop for those seeking enrollment in credit courses.  The Admissions Office processes applications for first-time college students. 

If you would like to receive information or have an advisor contact you prior to applying, you can Contact an Advisor.

Admissions is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

Dallas Colleges Online is dedicated to providing time responsive communications, as well as the highest quality of student services.

Same business day processing of registration requests is available ONLY to returning students from whom updated applications and enrollment documents have been received.

Allow up to 3 business days during peak registration, (the two weeks prior to the start of a semester) for regular in-office processing of new student applications for admission and registration requests.

Clock is ticking

Please submit your admissions application, transcripts, meningitis forms, and class requests well in advance of any deadlines to insure timely processing.

Step One : Apply

You may apply for admission if you are over age 18, or have a high school diploma or have a GED certificate. Note: Students who have attended another college or university must provide a transcript(s). 

Check out our on-line application or print this application (PDF - 219KB), fill it out, and mail or fax it to:

Dallas Colleges Online
9596 Walnut Street,
Dallas, Texas 75243




You can also drop by our office in person. We are located at 9596 Walnut Street, Dallas, Texas 75243.
As part of your admissions process you will need to provide:

  1. A completed application
  2. Proof of Meningitis vaccination | *100% online student waiver/affidavit available.
  3. Official college transcripts, (if you have already attended another college) to Dallas Colleges Online. You can send the transcripts via mail to the address below.
Dallas Colleges Online
9596 Walnut Street,
Dallas, Texas 75243




Step Two: Test

    There are two assessments pieces that need to be completed before registration.

    Assessment Piece One:

    We want you to be successful in your college courses so your college placement test is an important  step for you.  After you are admitted, but before registering for your first course with the Dallas Colleges Online, you must meet the requirements of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), which include assessment testing. *Note: First time testers must take the entire assessment in one sitting, which may take up to 5 hours.

Texas Success Initi​​​ative (TSI)

TSI is a state-legislated program designed to improve student success in college. Part of the program is an assessment to determine your basic skills in reading, mathematics and writing.

All students are required by law to take an assessment test approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB).

Certain scores on SAT, ACT, THEA, or TAKS may be used for exemptions. Check the exemptions page or speak with an advisor to determine if you are exempt or waived from TSI requirements.

Along with the new testing instrument, students will be required to participate in a mandatory Pre-Assessment Activity prior to testing. DCCCD students should go to eConnect, to the Current Credit Students menu, under Prepare to Register view the Pre-Assessment Video. This video is designed to help students understand the importance of the test, give the students opportunity to preview and practice sample questions, and introduce course options and available resources. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the preparation offered through the Pre-Assessment Activity as this test will determine the student's eligibility for entry level college courses.

Assessment is not used to determine admission except for students wishing to enroll in "special admissions" programs. You are expected to consult with the college advising center in order to meet the TSI requirements. It is your responsibility to be aware of all TSI regulations.

Taking Your Assessment Test

Dallas Colleges Online does not have a testing center. Students can take the assessment at any of the seven DCCCD college Testing Center locations. You will need to bring a photo ID with you and visit the Advising Center at the college of your choice to obtain a referral slip for assessment testing.

You do not need to make an appointment for assessment testing. For more information about hours of operation and contact information, click here

If you are not able to take an assessment test at a college Testing Center, you may take an assessment test at a local community college or university in your area and fax your assessment scores to Dallas Colleges Online Admissions, at 972-669-6400

If you have taken the ACT or SAT, or have completed college level courses at a regionally accredited institution, you may be exempt from assessment testing. Please be sure to provide all official transcripts to Dallas Colleges Online Admissions.

Have questions? Feel free to email an advisor or call 972-669-6414

Practice Tests Are Available

Prepare by taking a practice test.

Assessment Piece Two:

Another important Assessment piece for distance learning students is Smarter Measures. Since you are considering an online class, you already know distance learning is more flexible, but it does require time management and self-motivation for success. Distance Learning may not suit your needs, expectations, or learning style.

If you are considering an online course, take the SmarterMeasure assessment tool to see if distance learning is right for you. SmarterMeasure checks for basic technical skills, learning styles, reading speed and comprehension, keyboarding, time management and more!

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Step Three: Contact an Advisor

You may contact an advisor by visiting Dallas Colleges Online or submitting a request to have an advisor contact you.