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ORDER YOUR TEXTBOOKS AND COURSE MATERIALS is the Dallas Colleges Online bookstore, and it carries textbooks and course materials for all distance learning courses.

You are under no obligation to purchase textbooks from eFollett. You can use alternative sources that may or may not be less expensive, such as independent retailers, including online retailers. However, colleges cannot guarantee the quality of textbooks purchased from other sources and cannot provide information regarding their pricing and refund policies.

You can order textbooks and course materials from

  • Online: (credit card required)
  • If you are interested in placing a phone order with one of the individual bookstores, you will need to contact them directly.

Additional Course Materials (Media Components)

Media components are videotapes, DVDs or CDs which may be used in conjunction with textbooks in any distance learning course.

Please check with your instructor to see if a media component is required for your course(s).
If so, you can:

You can order textbooks and course materials from Dallas Colleges Online Bookstore.