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Active Duty Military

Policies for Military Students

To ensure compliance with career goals and voluntary education requirements, Servicemembers are strongly encouraged to speak with their installation or command educational services office or virtual advising center. The Dallas County Community College District understands active duty Servicemembers’ challenge of trying to carve out the time you need for school. If you’re feeling that strain, talk to the advisors with Dallas Colleges Online about programs you can take advantage of to continue your education.

The Higher Education Relief Opportunities For Students (HEROES) Act of 2003 aims to make sure Servicemembers receiving student aid are not affected because of their military status. Among those who are eligible for the HEROES Act of 2003 are, along with their spouses and dependents, active duty military and members of the National Guard serving during a war.

You should also speak to your advisor about getting a course extension, should you not be able to include any work for a class because of military obligation.

DCCCD also has a course withdrawal process specifically for active duty students.

Readmission of Service Members

Schools are obligated to readmit any Servicemembers who cannot attend school because of military service with the same academic status they had when they were last in school or when they were accepted into the school.

If you leave school because of military service and plan on returning, you need to inform the school. To do so, follow the readmission policies in the Federal Student Aid Handbook.