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Participate in "Commit to Complete"

Published: Friday, 07 October 2016

Texas Completes

School can be frustrating. You’re probably annoyed about something school-related right now. Literally everyone who’s ever been a college student has been frustrated by something while in school.

(I loathe the word “literally” because very few people use it correctly, but it’s a proven scientific fact. While you’re in college, you’ll literally spend 76% of your time frustrated about college.)

Anyway, your friends at DCO are here to help you with Commit to Complete Week, which is from Oct. 10-14.

Here’s the gist of Commit to Complete Week: Texas Completes and seven college systems, including DCCCD, wants to help you earn your degree and continue your success after you graduate.

Commit to Complete Week also aims to take steps to:

  • Revising the curriculum to swiftly get students into programs of study, streamline time to degree and facilitate transfer to four-year institutions
  • Creating a comprehensive student advising and management system that ensures students a strong start and consistent feedback along each step of their way through college
  • Restructuring developmental education to reduce time spent in pre-collegiate coursework

This is good! That there needs to be a week for it is not so good. According to Texas Completes, Texas completion rates have dropped below the national average and the state ranks 45th(!) out of the 50 states in the attainment of associate degrees.

Even worse, the same study found that only 22 percent of first-time full-time community college students graduate in three years.

Some obvious good news for you: you can begin to change this. Fight off that frustration. Make sure you have a clear path to your degree mapped out. Sign our Commit to Complete pledge! Do whatever you need to do to buck the trend and make sure you graduate.

We’re always here to help. You have more people than you know rooting for you to graduate and go on to make more money than you know what to do with. It’s all possible and within reach if you Commit to Complete.