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A Crash Course on the New DCO Site

Published: Thursday, 06 April 2017

So, you’ve probably noticed things look a tad different around the last month or so.

The layout’s different, the colors are a little different, the pages are different, the menus are in different places, the forms are in different spots, you can get to individual college’s pages from any page on our site, so on and so forth.

Other than that, it’s business as usual!

Look, a completely overhauled site (more accurately, sites for all of you who ae already registered and taking classes through Dallas Colleges Online) can be jarring. But, we’re here to help you navigate the site and make this transition as smooth as possible.

  • Let’s talk about the Home page of our redesigned site. Up top, you’ll see the DCCCD logo to the far left. Clicking it will take you to the district’s website. Then you’ve got the self-explanatory menu options (eConnect, eCampus, myPortal, etc.) that will open up a new tab and onto a new DCCCD site.

  • One of the coolest features of the new site is the Our Colleges button at the top right corner. The button opens a dropdown menu at the top of the page that will take you to any of the seven DCCCD campus’ website, plus DCO’s site.

  • Apply & Register: One of the most visited pages on our old site was – shocker! – the Enrollment Process page. You won’t find a page specifically called “Enrollment Process” on the redesigned site, but don’t panic. Now, it’s called “Apply & Register” and it’s one of the main menu options at the top of every page.

(New incoming DCCCD students can get admission requirements by clicking “First-Time Students” on the Home page.)

  • Forms: Perhaps while you’re enrolling, you realize you need to speak with an advisor by going to the Forms page. You can get to the Forms page by clicking the “All Forms” page on the Home page, by clicking the Forms button on the About page or by simply searching for it through the site’s search engine.

  • How are we doing?: While you’re there, you’ll find a bunch of forms you can go through depending on your situation, including letting us know how you’re liking our redesigned site. The site was designed with you in mind, so if there are things you don’t like about it, please let us know.

  • Services & Resources: We want to overload you with tools for success and this is a great place to get those tools.