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TSI Assessment Testing

Once you apply for admission and complete orientation (if required), the next step is assessment testing.

Before registering for your first credit course, you must meet the requirements of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), which includes a pre-assessment activity and assessment testing.

Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

TSI is a state-legislated program designed to improve student success in college. Part of the program is an assessment to determine your basic skills in reading, mathematics and writing.

All credit students are required by law to take an assessment test approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB).

See exemptions to determine if you are exempt from TSI requirements.

Dallas Colleges Online administers state-approved TSI assessments.

Pre-Assessment Activity

You will be required to complete a pre-assessment activity before taking the actual assessment test.

During the pre-assessment activity, you will view sample test questions and will also have the opportunity to take a practice test before completing the official TSI test.

Taking Your Assessment Test

On your test date, you will need:

  • A referral form
  • Your student ID or any other photo ID

​Once you have completed your pre-assessment activity and assessment, advisors will use your test scores to recommend course choices during registration.

Steps for Online Students

  1. Take the Pre-Assessment
    1. Watch the Pre-assessment Video.
    2. Click the "Continue to Assessment" link under the video.
    3. The "Continue to Assessment" link will direct you to eConnect.
    4. Log in to eConnect using your student ID and eConnect password.
    5. Click the box to verify that you watched the video; then submit.
    6. Take the Pre-Assessment Quiz.
  2. Review the sample questions.
  3. Log into econnect. Click on "Credit Student Menu". Under "My Personal Information" click on "My Advising Report (GPA)". Make sure PAA shows as "taken" with the date it was completed.
  4. Get a referral from an academic advisor / TSI Coordinator from the college where you will take the test. Take the referral and a photo ID to the testing center.
    • If you are not able to take an assessment test at a DCCCD College Testing Center, but are still in the state of Texas, you may take an assessment test at a local community college or university in your area and fax your assessment scores to Dallas Colleges Online Admissions, at 972-669-6409.
    • If you are an out-of-state student taking classes through Dallas Colleges Online, please contact a Dallas Colleges Online Advisor for a referral.
    • Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee free testing from an outside institution.