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R. Jan LeCroy Center

9596 Walnut St.
Dallas, TX 75243

About LeCroy Center/Dallas Colleges Online

9596 Walnut St.
Dallas, TX 75243
972-669-6600 (main number)

Provost: Pam Quinn

Dallas Colleges Online is a full-service center that advises and enrolls students who take online classes from the seven colleges of DCCCD — Brookhaven, Cedar Valley, Eastfield, El Centro, Mountain View, North Lake and Richland colleges — and provides access to all virtual classrooms.

Flexibility is one of the primary draws and benefits to taking online courses, and the LeCroy Center delivers the anytime, anywhere experience that many students desire and need.

All of the online courses adhere to the same policies, procedures and rigorous academic standards as campus-based courses and require dedicated study time.

Whether earning a degree from one of the colleges of DCCCD or transferring credits to a university, Dallas Colleges Online enables students to create their own schedule and complete coursework from wherever is most convenient.