NBC Learn

You can embed NBC videos into your homework or class presentations at no cost. DCCCD subscribes to the video-streaming service NBC Learn. The service is free to students.

NBC Learn has thousands of two- to six-minute stories from the NBC News archives. You’ll find news clips, historic newsreels and videos from NBC Nightly News, the Today show, Meet the Press and Dateline NBC. You also can search for programming from the networks of MSNBC, CNBC and Telemundo.

It’s easy to download videos from NBC Learn. Once downloaded, you can embed them in presentations such as PowerPoint or share links to them on social media sites.

Here’s How to Get Started With NBC Learn:

  1. Sign in to eCampus
  2. Click on the “Browse NBC Learn” link under "Tools" on the left side of the eCampus page
  3. Browse categories on NBC Learn for a video
  4.  Install the Offline Player on your computer. The Offline Player lets you view, organize and share your downloaded NBC Learn videos.
  5.  Click on the video to play it or click on “Save” to save it to your playlist in eCampus. (Return to eCampus by clicking “Return to Blackboard” at top right of the NBC Learn page.)

Here's How to Embed Downloaded Videos Into a Presentation:

  1. Open the NBC Learn Offline Player application from your desktop icon. (Before you can embed a video, you must have installed the NBC Learn Offline Player and downloaded the video to your offline Library.) From the NBC Learn Offline Player, hover the mouse over the NBC peacock in the top left corner. The menu will slide out.
  2. Select the Library tab (first yellow button) from the menu. Your NBC Learn Library will open in the player. Select a video, and it will start playing.
  3. Go back to the menu on the left and select Embed.
  4. When the Embed Drawer slides open, click Copy Embed Code. Close the player.
  5. Go to a PowerPoint slide. From the menu bar, select Insert, then Hyperlink.
  6. Place cursor in the address bar. Hit CTRL+V (paste) on your keyboard or right-click your mouse and select paste.
  7. Place cursor in Text to Display. Enter video title or reference to video. Example: Video: After a Soldier’s Death: Story of a Gold Star Family
  8. Hit OK. You should see the text you entered with an underlined link.
  9. Start the PowerPoint Slideshow. When you get to the slide with the link you can click on it. The video should load in the NBC Learn Offline Player on top of the slideshow.

You’ll need an Internet connection to play streaming videos; you won’t for downloaded videos.

You also can reach NBC Learn from the Library website.

Learn more about NBC Learn. Take the tour.