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Get Some Free Help Filing Your Taxes

Regardless of how much you make annually or how many times you’ve filed in your life, filing your taxes can be stressful.

It’s not fun. It takes a huge, unnecessary chunk out of one weekend every year. It’s so mundane.

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Garland Campus Hosting “Community Connections”

You’re an online student, but that doesn’t mean you have to be excluded from events at DCCCD campuses and this is a pretty cool one.

On Thursday, Jan. 26, Richland College Garland Campus will host “Community Connections”, where you can speak with representatives from government offices and area nonprofit organizations.

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Spring Semester Success Tips

We’re at the top of another new semester. It’s only a few days old, but we hope things are going (and continue to go) smoothly.

As we did before the fall semester last year, let’s go over a few things that should help the next four months fly by without by without too much hassle*.

*Please don’t hold us to this. Results may vary.

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Here’s A List of Apps You Should Look Into

List of Apps

We’re about a week away from the Spring 2017 semester beginning, so it’s time to stock up on those apps.

Information apps, apps that give you study tips, apps that help you curb your procrastination, apps that help you save money on textbooks, so on and so forth.


Actually, no. Don’t download all of these apps. But if you have an iPhone, you prostrated getting those “storage full” messages six months after you got your phone, so who cares. Flood your phone with apps!

But seriously, check out this SOCIETY19 post about the 25 apps you should have.

Don’t forget to download the DCCCD app and as always, good luck this semester!